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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 30, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good monday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm romina puga in for diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." another firefighter has been killed while fighting california's out of control wildfires. we have the latest ahead. italy's new populist leader is heading to the white house today for talks with president trump. the prime minister there giuseppe conti has similar views with the president on immigration and free trade and favors better relations with russia. ruth bader ginsberg has told an audience in new york she plans to stay on the bench another five years. she has battled cancer during
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her years on the bench. enri cperstown including chipper jones. congratulations all around. those are some of our top stories on this monday, july 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning once again. we're going to start this half hour with president trump threatening to shut down the government as he tries to fulfill a signature campaign promise. >> president says he won't sign off on a spending bill unless it includes money for his border wall. but fellow republicans are making it clear they have no appetite for a shutdown ahead of crucial mid-term elections. tara palmeri has more. >> reporter: president trump threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get a border wall. >> we're going to build the wall. it's going to be a great wall. >> reporter: tweeting, i would be willing to shut down government if the democrats do not give us the votes for borde.
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they need to lock in the votes before the money runs out september 30th. members of the president's own party speaking out against the shutdown threat. >> i don't like playing shutdown politics. i don't think it would be helpful. so let's try to avoid it. >> reporter: when president trump signed the last spending bill in march, he made it clear it was a regret he wouldn't repeat. the president also waging an increasingly public battle with michael cohen. rudy giuliani slamming cohen's claim that trump knew about the 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer. >> if he taped everything else, why the heck didn't he tape this? it's not on tape. he's capable of doctoring tapes.
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>> reporter: cohen turned over conversations to prosecutors. the two discussing how to pay playboy model karen mcdougal for her silence about an alleged affair with trump. >> when it comes to the financing -- >> what financing? >> we'll have to pay -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: rudy giuliani saying they've hired experts to examine the recordings. >> the man is a liar. >> reporter: they were shocked and confused by the president's tweet because republican leaders met with the president this past week and agreed they would delay controversial spending measures like funding the border wall until after the midterm elections to avoid a government shutdown. tear with a tara palmeri, abc news. in the meantime, the president is taking aim at robert mueller, renewing claims that the special prosecutor has multiple conflicts of interest that should bar him from leading
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the investigation. he tweeted that he and mueller had a nasty and contentious business relationship and a reference to an old dispute over fees at a trump golf club. he also said he turned mueller down to head the fbi and accused him of having too many democrats on his team. we have new reports on the california wildfires. >> in northern california hundreds of homes are in ruins. flames are threatening thousands more and two people are under arrest, accused of looting homes that had been evacuated. >> fire crews say they expect to be battling flames near yosemite park for the next two weeks. the park will be closed until at least august 3rd. >> a firefighter working the front lines of that blaze has died. brian hughes was removing brush and debris when he was struck by a falling tree.
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paul williams joins us now with the weather hampering those firefighting efforts. >> the heat persists. 10-15 degrees above the norm, and a high fire danger. heat remains throughout the north central and northwestern portion of the country. by the late week, look at all this rain. we talked about last week. it's going to be here all week long. romina, kendis? >> it's a replication of what we had last week on the east coast. and we may find out soon if cbs chief executive les moonves will be forced to step down amid explosive allegations of sexual misconduct. >> the board vowed to investigate the claims and take appropriate action. brad mielke has the details. >> these allegations have ricocheted to the highest levels.
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six women say les moonves engaged in sexual misconduct, including harassment, unwanted kissing and threatened their careers when they didn't comply. the cbs board will get together to decide whether their ceo and chairman should show up this week. what is the game plan? >> the main important thing they need to do is form a committee, a special committee to oversee these allegations into the conduct of not just les moonves but the entire culture at cbs. it's a pretty broad investigation. so we expect the committee would have three members, and the special committee would choose the law firm that will conduct the investigation. and we think that will probably happen within the next, you know, couple days. they'll announce what the outside law firm is to conduct the investigation. and of course they also have to decide whether the ceo les
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moonves can continue in his job while this investigation goes on. >> now moonves says, quote, there were times decades ago when i may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. those were mistakes and i regret them immensely. he followed up by saying no means no. you can hear more on what executives are saying on "start here" later this morning. check it out on apple podcast. police in pennsylvania are investigating a fatal shooting. >> a man can be seen standing by a police cruiser. he walks away from the cop before coming back. the officer is heard telling the man to get on the ground several times. when he doesn't, the officer as you heard and saw opened fire. the suspect was attacking cars, damaging some of them before police arrived. the man who died and the officer have not yet been identified.
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and in new orleans investigators believe a deadly shooting incident was likely gang-related. two gun men walked up outside a strip mall and opened fire. police are hoping those who witnessed the shooting will come forward with information. a cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing at jfk airport. it blew a tire after 30 minutes in the air. it landed back on the ground safely. there were no injuries. and operations at the busy airport weren't seriously impacted. the plane was towed to a maintenance hangar where it is being inspected this morning. a technical glitch brought an american airlines flight to a halt. there was a problem with connectivity between one of its datacenters. technical problems affected
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skywest which services american, alaska, delta and united airlines. it was a mess for a little while, but no flights were canceled. happiness is an unexpected surprise from dad. >> so 14 year old neveah smith of pittsburgh wanted a special dress for her eighth grade dance. it was a little pricey, but her dad, who works three jobs stepped forward and gave it to her. >> he gave it to her with a mini unveil and she broke down in tears. >> you can see the smile on dad's face. he's excited for her. he's broke. he might need a loan, but hey, she's got the dress. >> she's happy. dad works at mc circle k and popeye's. he says it's worth it. the man who took a live alligator with him on a beer
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run. and you'll never guess the state in which this happened. any guesses? >> i feel i can guess. but first, why the tsa is spying on ordinary americans who are apparently doing nothing wrong on domestic flights. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80.
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mother nature put on quite a show over the great lakes. mother nature put on quite a show over the great lakes. that's a pair of dueling water spouts over lake erie. the video was shot from a state park. a cruise ship company insists one of its workers shot and killed a polar bear in an act of self-defense. >> images of the bear killed over the weekend in norway have caused an uproar among animal activists. the cruise company says tourists were getting off a ship in the arctic when the bear attacked one of the company's polar bear guards, injuring his head. another guard shot the animal. no word on the condition of the injured guard. turning now to the questions raised about a secret program that's been in effect for nearly
2:44 am
a decade. >> it involves air marshals spying on unsuspecting travelers who aren't doing anything suspicious at all. here is receive fstephanie ramo. >> reporter: passengers are already used to the routine. take out your electronics, walk throughout body scanner or get patted down. but a report in the boston globe about a tsa program where travelers are watched without them knowing is raising concerns. it's called "quiet skies" and targets citizens not in the terror database. >> we're seeing examples of the tsa following around people who are in no way suspect. the criteria they're applying does not point to people who are potential terrorists. >> reporter: armed, undercover
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air marshals are taking note on what certain passengers do, who they talk to and if they use the bathroom. some behaviors are excessive fidgeting or using a computer, a jump in their adam's apple, a cold, penetrating stare or boarding last. they believe missions based on recognized intelligence or in support of ongoing federal investigations is the proper criteria for flight scheduling. currently, the quiet skies program does not meet the criteria we find acceptable. they follow individuals who may have suspicious, erratic travel patterns and this is not a surveillance program. however, sources within the agency tell me air marshals follow passengers not only in flight but once they land, stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. since she mentioned she's afraid of sharks, we thought we'd add this to the show.
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a rare sighting off florida's coast, a whale shark was spotted near p that thing is huge. >> look at that. >> look at its tail. i would not get in there. >> tourists on a charter boat recorded the scene safely on board the boat hopefully. this was second whale shark seen in this area in a month. who wants to go swimming in pensacola! >> in my home state. even though they only eat plankton, i would not get in that water. >> that's what they say to calm you down, no, they don't eat humans. more from the florida files coming up. we'll be right back. ghs me down. so i feel... lighter.
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welc welcome back. 65 years after combat ended in the korean war, dozens of cases of remains of u.s. service members who were lost during that war have been transferred back to the u.s. >> now forensic scientists at a
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lab in hawaii will begin the pains taking process of identifying those lost heroes. martha raddatz visited that facility. >> reporter: were these the standard eyeglasses? eyeglasses, a battered wallet, st. christopher medal for protection. a haunting reminder of those americans lost nearly 70 years ago on the korean peninsula. americans who dr. john byrd has spent decades trying to identify. >> i was working at one of the locations where we had a large battle, i was in the base camp on the hillside overlooking the field where the battle took place, and i was in my tent, with a warm sleeping bag. i was thinking about those men who spent several days down in that field, just down below me, same time of year. they didn't have a warm sleeping bag. and it's very sobering to think about what they went through.
2:50 am
>> reporter: byrd, a forensic anthropologist who works here retrieved those remains more than a decade ago. amazing to think these were all worn by our service members. despite the sterility in this lab, it is moving. >> we are getting close to having identified 500. we've got a long ways to go. >> reporter: it is sobering but rewarding work. >> when you have family members, and you talk to them about what it meant to them when we were able to succeed in making an id it's an extremely rewarding feeling that you don't get in science very often. >> reporter: a feeling for which diane is still waiting. she was just 4 when her father was sent. >> what's this i hear about you finding a snake? >> reporter: months later, on a reconnaissance mission, his plane was shot down.
2:51 am
today, the thought that one of those cases just brought out of north korea could contain her father's remains chokes her up. >> takes my breath away to think about it. >> reporter: diana has tried to stay connected to her father all these years, becoming a pilot herself, even getting a chance to fly the same kind of plane, a p-51 mustang, in which his father was lost. >> flying the same aircraft that he flew gave me the ultimate connection to him. it makes me emotional, just thinking about it. >> reporter: diana guards her heart until the remains are identified. but there is always hope for her and thousands of families still waiting. >> many are hoping that those 50-plus cases will help give them answers. we'll be
2:52 am
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♪ ♪ it's time for "this happened", and we're going to start with the florida files. >> very funny. very funny. >> as a result of her being here. it's a state that keeps on giving. >> it does. bad, bad news. >> or strange news. so a video posted on facebook shows a guy on a beer run with nothing it to see here. he walks into a convenience store with a gator under his arm and goes -- walks up to the counter. he goes, y'all got beer still? he noticed a customer in the
2:56 am
store who begins running towards the gator, and the gator's mouth was taped shut during the incident. that makes it okay? >> less terrifying. >> this is some weird thing that's okay with floridians. the rest of us do not get it, okay. yeah. it's the weekend in florida. so a turbojet hover board master took to the beach in france to practice on his board. he took off from the back of a truck and flew over water. onlookers were treated to a display. >> that's kind of neat. >> as long as there are no sharks in that water, i would do that. >> yeah, but did he stick the landing? he looked pretty cool launching it. we're going to stay overseas and go to new zealand where the police officers in the small town helped make this young boy's day. 5-year-old zachary called 111,
2:57 am
new zealand's emergency line, to invite the local police officers to his party, but the police were unsure whether they would be able to make it. turns out, of course, they made it. they explained his mom explained that he was planning a police-themed party and wanted to invite the local cops. look. oh, my god. his day is -- >> the best birthday, right there. >> yeah. no other birthday will matter beyond his 5th birthday. okay, and taiwanese corgi and his friend. >> of course, doo-doo and schwan schwan. >> doo-doo drags schwan schwan by the lease in a bid to get him to walk with him. >> i love that. that's like my husband trying to get me out of bed. >> that's like all of us trying to get out of bed right about this hour. yeah, that's our spirit animal, right there. that's the news for this hour. >> remember to follow us on
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facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," wildfires in the west taking more lives. >> we're just learning of another firefighter killed in california. those fires are out of control tearing through towns and neighborhoods as triple digit heat bakes the region today. also the fate of a man behind so many popular tv shows. the cbs board meets in hours to discuss the future of les moonves. what a police officer admits to doing behind the wheel as he headed for a cyclist. why are these donkeys wearing pants? >> that is an essential question. >> yes, it is, looking like a fool with them pants on. it is monday, july 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:01 am
>> and good morning on a monday. and we say good morning and welcome to romina puga, who is in for diane. good "world news now" welcome. >> thank you for having me. i have no idea what time it is. >> you never get used to it. you see these people walking through the daytime hours and it's more strange. >> switching the a.m. and p.m. >> just about the time you're done with us. >> afternoon. yeah. >> so special to have you here. and as such, we have will ganss in the house with us standing by like ten feet from us with something for us today. you never know what will will be working on at this hour. >> all will be revealed eventually.
3:02 am
>> ooh. >> mysterious. >> all will be revealed. >> ah, i wonder what that means. what did will bring us a little later on. but we are going to start on the west coast where you live. and we're going to start with the vicious wildfires claiming eight lives. >> fire engines are coming from as far away as florida, also my hometown. to help fight the fires that have burned thousands of acres. >> some say they have 17% containment, which is pretty good, but flames have destroyed hundreds of homes and threatening thousands more. marci gonzalez is near the carr fire. >> reporter: the death toll rising to six. melanie bledsoe and two of her great grandchildren among the victims. relatives say her body was found draped over the children in a
3:03 am
final effort to save them. several other people still missing. the destruction here now spanning the size of philadelphia. >> all these homes are gone. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods incinerated, more than 500 structures destroyed. these photos showing the before and after of one of those homes. thousands more still threatened. and there are so many areas like this burning that firefighters can't tackle them all, having to strategically choose where to focus their firefights. more than 3,000 firefighters risking their lives on the front lines. some after losing everything themselves. so that was a firefighter's house right there. >> yeah, a lot of firefighters lost their houses. >> reporter: this one of 59 wildfires burning across 11 states. dozens of structures threatened in san diego. california's governor expanding the state of emergency to more counties.
3:04 am
and this man returns to sift through the rubble of his childhood home. a lot of memories. >> yeah, pictures, everything, gone. >> reporter: only able to salvage a few precious things, including what he believes was his mother's wedding ring. and jerry says this used to be his bedroom and the only wall left standing here is in what was the living room. firefighters are working round the clock trying to keep this from happening to any more homes all while dealing with triple digit temperatures. marci gonzalez, abc news, redding, california. >> that heat and winds are not providing any relief for fire crews. >> check out the fire zone. temperatures over 100 degrees expected over the next three days. a red flag warning and heat advisory in effect at least through today. president trump facing push back from his own party after threatening to shut down the
3:05 am
government if democrats don't vote for his border wall. the president tweeted the threat before returning to the white house from his new jersey golf club. republicans are scrambling to approve $5 billion for border security before funding runs out september 30th. as midterms approach, republicans say a shutdown won't be helpful. in the television business, there are few people as powerful as les moonves. today the cbs board of directors plan to meet, but it is overshadowed by the bombshell sexual misconduct allegations against moonves. zachary kiesch has more. >> reporter: for the first time, we're hearing from one of the women accusing les moonves, the head of cbs, with sexual harassment. speaking on npr, dinah kirgo detailing what she claims happened to her when he allegedly asked to meet her privately. >> and he said no, just you and me, and that kind of floored me.
3:06 am
i'm not sure what i said in response, but he said, look, you're really expensive, and i need to know you're worth it. >> reporter: she claims they never met one on one and afterwards she didn't get work because she rebuffed his advance. >> after he had been rebuffed by me, there was no offer forthcoming. so to say that he's not responsible for damaging anybody's career, if you're not getting employed because you rebuffed somebody, that's damage. >> reporter: in an expose, six women accuse moonves of sexual misconduct in the company he's run for two decades. >> these are all stories in which women said they were terrified and intimidated and felt their career suffered as a result. >> reporter: the cbs board is
3:07 am
expected to have a meeting and select a special committee to oversee the investigation into moonves' alleged behavior. moonves saying i recognize there were times decades ago when i may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. those were mistakes and i regret them immensely, but i always understood and respected and abided by the principle that no means no. cbs says after an investigation is conducted, they'll take the appropriate actions. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. congressman john lewis is back home after being released from a brief stay in the hospital. the 78 year old veteran democratic congressman was hospitalized after becoming sick on a plane. his spokesman says he was released last night with a clean bill of health. we'd like to take a little
3:08 am
breath momentarily to find out who's this person sitting in here for diane, romina puga. get to know a little bit more about you. >> i'm really excited to be here. >> it's great. we're happy to be here. will planned the day off, and will was like, oh, wait, she's in town? great, i'll be here. >> i'll find out who she is. >> so a little bit about you. >> i come from fusion. >> the tv network. >> the tv network fusion. news and entertainment cable network. and i'm a reporter there, i do a daily pop culture news brief. i do a bunch of things there. but i'm usually alone in the studio, so this is a really exciting change of pace for me to have another live human being to interact with instead of talking to myself or to people through a headpiece. >> wait until you get to know us more and you'll be like -- >> can i be alone? >> you totally will. good to have you staying with us
3:09 am
for the next couple days. coming up, distracted behind the wheel of a police squad car. the officer not even noticing he's about to slam into a bike rider. see how it all plays out. and will ganss is here promising us that this is monumental groundbreaking day. he's brought us something. and apparently, it's a gilded gift. >> there's dessert involved. >> gilded gift, interesting. you're watching "world news now" "world news now" >> gilded gift, interesting. you're watching "world news now"
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downy and it's done. well, it's not often we get to see a police officer busted for distracted driving. this missouri highway patrol officer, charles wallace, has been suspended with pay after slamming his patrol car into a man riding his bike. >> [ bleep ]. >> why are you texting? >> i wasn't texting. i was looking at my phone. i know, it's my bad. >> i wasn't texting. i was looking at my phone, just so we're clear. so officials say distraction contributed to the crash.
3:13 am
the cyclist is okay but is going to need another bike. the interesting part, the police department, peculiar, missouri. peculiar, missouri. interesting. >> that is crazy. a man is undergoing tests at a denver hospital to determine if he has a case of the deadly ebola virus. the man just returned from working with sick people in the african nation of congo. he reportedly became ill yesterday morning. an initial test indicates he is not suffering from ebola but doctors are waiting from tests from the state health lab to confirm that. pop star demi lovato is reportedly getting better as she remains hospitalized following last week's suspected drug overdose. in addition to her family rallying around her, so is her ex-boyfriend. they broke up two years ago, but he stayed with her for about five hours during one of his visits. coming up, the answer to the long-awaited question. >> what did will bring?
3:14 am
>> we just asked that. >> it's a long wait. >> worth waiting for, i promise. >> you're watching "world news >> you're watching "world news now." waiting for, i promise. >> you're watching "world news now." my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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♪ thank you for being a friend ah, you hear the theme. we know how to win friends and influence people. we figure on romina's first day we trick her into liking our crew by getting her freebies. our king of swag, will ganss is here. >> yeah! >> and i come bearing gifts. >> what did you bring? >> many, many gifts. >> will started this cake just about 16 minutes ago. >> it's delicious. what am i supposed to do, look at it? >> is that the first slice that you ate? >> yes, it is, the first slice today. >> for now. >> welcome. or h.anks for having me. i have to start by saying, thank you for being a friend. that is well-timed.
3:17 am
and since you guys are such good pals, i brought cheesecake. the golden girls loved to do. and i brought plenty of swag here, stuff that even blanche devereaux would find fabulous. mugs, trivial pursuit. >> are you just into the "golden girls"? >> no. our pals at disney are celebrating the first-ever "golden girls" day which happens to be national cheesecake day as well. >> a bonus day. >> so i'm going to hit you guys up with some ggtq, golden girls trivia quiz. >> oh, boy. >> hope you're well versed. >> i already found out kendis was a fan. >> let's see.
3:18 am
>> romina, you're team dorothy. >> you're team sophia, obviously, and i'm not playing. but for the record, i'm rose. whoever has the most points at the end gets an extra slice of cheesecake and a golden girls puzzle. >> just a puzzle? not the other stuff? >> no, i'm keeping the other stuff. >> all right. >> i'm keeping the other stuff. question one, where is rose nyland from? is it st. olaf, minnesota, naples, florida, or oak park, illinois. >> i know i'm going to be wrong. but i'm going to guess florida. >> just because. >> just because. >> st. olaf. >> st. olaf is correct. one point team sophia.
3:19 am
>> oak park is where betty white is from in real life. little known fact there. i love her. my favorite character. question two. >> she's bubble wrapped somewhere. >> what was the name of the nursing home where sophia lived before moving into blanche's house with the girls, a, pine grove, b, shady pines, c, brookdale, d, elderly flower estate. >> i'm going to guess the shady one, but i love elderly flower estate. >> shady pines. >> shady pines is right. and i love that it's shady pines because they are the queens of shade, especially sophia. question three, which actor had a clause in their contract, allowing them to keep their character's wardrobe, everything that he or she wore. rue mcclanahan, estelle getty, betty white or herb edelman who played stan?
3:20 am
>> i'm going to go rue. >> romina? >> i'm going to go -- >> because rue had crazy shoulder pads. >> the correct answer. you're three for three. >> she had the most bling, for sure. so it makes sense that she would want to keep that wardrobe. the last one, here we go. i'm going to play a clip this time. we'll pause and then resume the video to get the answer. let's roll the clip. >> someone was able to deceive me once. [ laughter ] >> do tell, rose. >> st. olaf's most famous obmag. >> so your question is, what is an obmag? >> obgyn?
3:21 am
>> but what's the mag? >> no clue. >> let's find out the answer. >> st. olaf's most famous obmag. >> what's that? >> obstetrician magician. the amazing shapiro. he delivered bridget. it was so confusing. it's a girl! now it's a dove. >> i love this scene. iconic. so it's time to declare a winner. and tonight's winner is romina. >> yay! kendis clearly won, but since it's my first day, i should get the puzzle. >> do i need to be cute and pretty to win this? >> i think. >> but -- >> thanks for being a good friend, guys, a pal and confidant.
3:22 am
>> the group, golden girls hug. >> my favorite hug. friend, guys, a pal and confidant. >> the group, golden girls hug. >> my favorite hug. anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
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♪ all right, it's time for your monday mix. romina's going to kick us off. >> all right, so this land costs $1 billion. the mountain of beverly hills is officially the most expensive property in the history of los angeles if not the entire world. >> that's crazy. >> all neighbors are out of binocular range. fully paparazzi proof. the listing agent says they have identified 100 billionaires who would be interested and can afford this property. it's just the land. you still need to build a house on top of this. >> it's still $1 billion just for the land, 157 acres.
3:26 am
>> you have to really want privacy. >> yes. virgin airlines has been taken over by alaskan airlines. it's known for nice lighting, great music, awesome safety, video. that's going to go away. >> what? >> one flight attendant decided to pay homage to it. take a look. ♪ >> this is a flight attendant, mike tongobury, who did this dance to the safety video. if we had flight attendants who did that, i would pay attention to the safety aspect. moving on. a corn maze proposal.
3:27 am
travis and ally met a year ago at her mother's party where her mom asked him if he was single. he spent four months trying to get a first date with her, and since then they've been inseparable. he took a tractor and spelled out, will you marry me from a bird's-eye view. >> that's neat. was your proposal as elaborate? >> no, he was trying to get me away from work to go to our apartment, and i kept working. it was frustrating. it wasn't romantic at all. i was like, leave me alone! now to the other question, the other mystery. on friday, you may recall we
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morni this morning on "world news now," the deadly infernos in the west, another firefighter has been killed battling one of california's out of control wildfires. the largest fire has burned more than 650 homes. also this morning, the new way the president is lashing out at the man investigating him, robert mueller, taking to twitter with a slue of allegations. meanwhile, a supreme court justice signaling whether or not she's ready to step away from the bench. new this half hour, hungry for success. >> and now job interviews and offers are pouring in. there's a certain char in the air. last night bruce willis got roasted with notable women from his past taking direct aim at
3:31 am
him, including his ex-wife, demi moore, spilling all the tea. it is all over the skinny on this monday, july 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." as we say good morning and welcome to romina puga who is filling in for diane, she's with our sister network fusion. >> not used to working with people. >> no. i can't believe i'm next to another live human being. >> or so you think. but welcome to you and we'll get to the bruce willis thing, but we'll start with the deadly wildfires raging out of control. >> flames have incinerated
3:32 am
hundreds of thousands of acres up and down the state. and the two largest of those are still far from being fully contained. the ferguson fire and the carr fire. >> a firefighter has died. brian hughes was removing brush and debris when he was hit by a falling tree. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: with new flames igniting and little relief in sight, the carr fire near redding, california spreading in every direction. the death toll here rising to six. among the victims, melanie bledsoe and two of her great grandchildren. her body was found draped over the children in a final effort to save them. several others are missing. more than 500 structures destroyed. these photos showing the before and after of one of those houses. jerry case returning to his childhood home, finding what's
3:33 am
left of his mother's wedding ring and little else. >> a lot of memories. >> pictures, everything, it's gone. >> reporter: more than 3,000 firefighters on the front lines, even as some have lost everything themselves. that was a firefighter's house right there. >> yeah, a lot of firefighters lost houses too. >> reporter: across the west, 59 wildfires are burning in 11 states, including one near yosemite where two firefighters died. they are dealing with these brutal, triple-digit temperatures and expect to be battling them for at least another week or two. marci gonzalez, abc news, redding, california. >> heat and tinder dry conditions are continuing to hinder firefighting efforts. >> paul williams joins us. >> good morning, the dry heat
3:34 am
stays in place for the desert southwest, and in the northwest, the heat spreads as well. in boise, we're expecting to reach 101 degrees. the heat will persist and we will have a higher fire danger continuing. throughout the middle of the week we have the duration of the rain in the east. >> in quite a pattern. trump took on a familiar talking point, trump claiming mueller shouldn't be leading the investigation because of conflicts of interest. he and mueller had a nasty business relationship and an old dispute over fees at a trump golf club. he turned mueller down for leading the fbi and he accused mueller, a republican, of putting too many democrats on
3:35 am
his team. in the meantime, the feud between the president and michael cohen is escalating, ending an agreement to share information as cohen faces a federal investigation. rudy giuliani is suggesting that cohen doctored a recording. giuliani says cohen violated attorney-client privilege and could be disbarred, even though the president was the one who waived privilege. sulzberger says that labeling the news as the enemy of the people would lead to violence. sunday, trump used the phrase again, tweeting, spent much time talking about the fake news
3:36 am
being put out by the media. and ruth bader ginsberg is signaling she's not going anywhere. she's planning to stay on the bench for at least another five years. she tweeted after seeing a play about antonin scalia. breaking overnight, a 13 year old boy scout who has been missing in wyoming has been found. >> he hadn't been seen since saturday morning when he disappeared in a mountain range. garrett has been found and is in good health. and in israel, an american college student went missing over the weekend while swimming in the mediterranean sea off tel aviv. taleah jones is in the middle east on a summer study program. she attends the university kentucky. two others who were with jones said they got caught up in a strong current and were pulled
3:37 am
away from the beach. when the others got back to shore they alerted authorities. authorities in allentown, pennsylvania are investigating a deadly confrontation outside an amusement park. they want to know what led to police shooting a man who didn't follow orders. >> reporter: new video showing a deadly scene in pennsylvania, just outside a popular family attraction. police gunning down a suspect at the side of a busy road. >> hamilton boulevard and lincoln avenue for suspicious activity. >> reporter: a man allegedly attacking cars. >> a man jumping on cars in front of dorney park. >> he ripped the window out of a vehicle. >> reporter: here you see the suspect called "john doe" standing by a police car. he appears to walk away then suddenly turns back.
3:38 am
when the suspect doesn't hit the ground, an officer opens fire. the man later pronounced dead at the hospital. authorities not saying if he was armed. damaged cars and shattered glass littering the roadway. the investigation into the bizarre encounter just beginning. >> please give us a call and let us know. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of the suspect or officer involved. investigators are combing through video footage to try to determine the circumstances of the deadly shooting. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. a homeless web developer has picked up social media help. >> david has been standing on a corner in silicon valley, but he's not asking for money. he's holding up a sign reading homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume. a woman took a picture and posted please retweet.
3:39 am
it's been retweeted more than 130,000 times. >> i didn't think it was going to be too successful. i thought maybe i'd get one or two potential like hey, i'm a recruiter i can help him get through the system maybe. but no, i did not expect it to blow up like it that. but through the course of my dinner with my co-workers it hit almost 10,000. working and living in silicon valley is brutal, cutthroat. and in a matter of minutes, you could lose everything that you have. and i just felt it in me that if where in his position being i would want someone to help me. >> as of saturday, casarez had received 200 job offers including pandora, google and bitcoin. bitcoin reportedly asked if he's willing to move to japan.
3:40 am
>> wow. >> post up for my next job. coming up, the man ordered to pay his lover's husband nearly $9 billion. and why neil diamond made a return to the stage. you're watching "world news now." ♪ "sweet caroline" ♪ "sweet caroline" d news now." ♪ "sweet caroline" and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. about the colonial penn program. here to tell you if you're age 50 to 85,
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oh, my god! >> this is why we shouldn't go boating this summer. rattlesnake rattling the nerves of a family in north carolina. he startles them and then jumps on top of the boat's platform before heading on its way. no thank you. absolutely terrible. i'm glad it worked out for that entire family and everybody's all right. a woman in arkansas has been charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting and killing her husband over pornography. >> what a strange case.
3:44 am
patricia hill called 911 over the weekend to report she shot her husband frank. they found frank in a shed on their property shot in the head and leg. they had recently argued over charges on their cable bill for pornography. and turning to a stunning case in north carolina highlighting a little-known law called protecting jilted spouses. >> a man whose wife has been cheating on him for three years has now been awarded nearly $9 million in damages and it's her lover forced to pay up. here is adrienne bankert. >> why are you taking my wife! >> reporter: the man in this desperate moment awarded nearly $9 million in an unusual case to be paid by his wife's lover. the man restraining him in the doorway, francisco, is the other man.
3:45 am
his wife is heard off camera. >> i don't want this. i don't want it to be like this. >> reporter: he learned of their affair in 2015 after seeing a phone number he didn't recognize. he called it and the man answered. >> when he answered, i said she is a married woman, do not contact her ever again. >> reporter: but the affair continued on and off until 2017 and he cited "alienation of affection" only on the books in six states, including hawaii and north carolina. it requires proof of a happy marriage and evidence that the love and affection of a couple was destroyed by the wrongful and malicious actions of the defendant. he gathered text messages, facebook posts, phone records and hotel receipts proving it
3:46 am
ended their wedded bliss. at trial, they claimed the marriage had always been troubled. he reportedly plans to appeal. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> the superior court judge awarded king over $2.2 million in compensatory damages and three times that in punitive damages. jilted lovers there. when we come back, the roasting of bruce willis. plus, neil diamond's return to the stage. "the skinny" is next. to the stage. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny are you saying, we have to pretend we like each other. of course we do. we're going to start "the skinny" right now with one of hollywood's coolest dudes feeling the heat at his comedy central roast. >> and with a group of fans on hand to roast bruce willis, he was feeling the burn. his neighbor was there, and said he wanted everything in his home
3:49 am
to look mid century modern except for his wife. >> cybil shepherd was there, said hollywood wouldn't be hollywood if they didn't reward a man for aging into mediocrity. >> then there was a surprise guest, bruce's first wife, demi moore. >> our daughters are incredibly well-adjusted, considering two of them are half bruce willis. we certainly had our ups and downs, but those are some of the best times of my life. i looked at our marriage like the sixth sense. you were dead the whole time. >> and he said diehard is not a christmas movie. next to neil diamond's return to the stage.
3:50 am
>> six months after parkinson's disease forced him into retirement, diamond gave a surprise performance to firefighters in colorado. ♪ touching me >> he was thanking the firefighters for their efforts in containing the lake christine fire near where diamond and his wife live. it scorched some 12,000 acres of land. >> hundreds of firefighters were on hand tone joy the special thank you concert. next to the undying love of uncle jesse and aunt becky on "full house." who can forget when jesse almost missed the wedding because he went skydiving. >> like the best episode. it's all part of their epic love
3:51 am
story which stamos referenced in a happy birthday post to laurie. and he said i don't for one second take for granted your talent, your heart and most importantly our friendship. >> she just turned 54. stamos is also 54. let's face it. they're a good-looking couple. and let's check out what cardi b is doing. >> getting his and hers lamborghini. blessed and gifted, cardi b posted, official lamb owners. >> and also a different angle, as you can see there. >> gives you some perspective. i wasn't sure with the other photo. >> it's good to be rich. >> i didn't see baby kulture anywhere.
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ you are awesome. it's the end of july, and nobody wants to work this time of year, but here we are because the news never stops. >> there's also news from a galaxy far, far away. >> we begin with a state of emergency in california. the carr fire charring 90,000 acres with more than 500 structures destroyed and more threatened. there are six confirmed fatalities, including a brother and sister, 4 and 5 years old, and their great-grandmother frying to save them. >> decimating homes and
3:56 am
>> i drove up to my mom and dad and this is what i saw. >> president trump's lead attorney telling abc news michael cohen has been put on notice for violating attorney-client privilege. this after cohen's claim candidate trump knew about the infamous trump tower meeting with the russians in 2016. >> rudy giuliani slamming cohen's claim. >> if he taped everything else, why didn't he tape this? he's capable of doctoring tapes. >> those bombshell allegations against the head of cbs. >> several women are accusing les moonves. >> "the new yorker" releasing an expose by ronan farrow, featuring allegation from six women against the cbs chairman that range from kissing to sexual assault. >> they said one after another that they were terrified and
3:57 am
intimidated. >> "star wars" surprises. the late carrie fisher set to reprise her role. >> princess leia makes a return in episode 9. fisher, whose death rocked fans and cast mates in 2016 reappears for the franchise's latest installment. the decision was made to use never-before-seen footage shot before her death. j.j. abrams says we desperately loved fisher and finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the skywalker saga without her eluded us. a lot happening in the week ahead. arnold schwarzenegger celebrating a birthday today, 71. lisa kudrow is 55. yeah.
3:58 am
>> that's it for this half hour.
3:59 am
connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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making news in america this morning -- the wildfire emergency expanding in california. the death toll rising. another firefighter losing his life as hundreds of additional buildings are destroyed. >> i have never seen a fire with such destruction here in this area ever before. >> this morning, just how big the most dangerous fire is. and the firefighter's wife who escaped with their children in the middle of the night. the new threat from president trump to shut down the government. what he's now demanding. plus, will the president get another supreme court pick? ruth bader ginsburg gives a major clue on when she plans to retire. the secret government program tracking u.s. citizens when they fly, even those not suspected of a crime and not on a watch list. the tsa explains the so-called


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